Office Coffee That Tastes Great

Specialty Coffee

These days coffee is as ubiquitous as ever. However, more and more people are choosing better tasting, higher quality coffee over the traditional stuff. The same is true for home and at the office.

Thanks to specialty coffee movement, great-tasting coffee is available at coffee shops all over the world. Now, thanks to the internet, specialty coffee roasters are able to reach audiences all over the world, as well. This means that great coffee isn’t limited to just one shop, city, or region anymore.

More than Caffeine

Coffee at home was often just a means to an end in recent history. It was a way to get some caffeine, shake off the sleepiness, and push through the day. However, as the coffee world evolved, it began to take a different shape.

Just like the craft beer movement gave beer drinkers taste and quality that wasn’t there before, the specialty coffee movement has done the same thing for the hot beverage. Now, people often consume coffee for more than a caffeine fix, they want the flavor. Just like with beer, what used to be a bland, bad tasting drink to get through day has taken on a new meaning. 

At the Coffee Shop

The first place to get an amazing tasting specialty coffee is the coffee shop. This is really where the movement started. One reason being that all the aspects of brewing can be controlled, so the consumer is getting the absolute best product every time. Coffee shops have expensive espresso machines and coffee brewers, with dialed-in settings being worked by trained baristas. They also have high-quality water filtration systems used to make coffee, too. (Coffee is 98% water, after all)

At Home

Chemex Coffee at home

The next obvious extension of specialty coffee would be the home. People wanted specialty coffee without having to go to the coffee shop every day. Thus creating the need for roasters to retail their coffee to consumers. This also gives rise to more creative at-home brewing methods like Chemex, Aeropress, and home espresso machines.

Now, people have access to make specialty coffee at home according to their own specifications and preferences without having to stop at coffee shops all the time. Consumers can order online at the website of nearly every coffee roaster.

Leaving behind the traditional, big-batch coffee producers of yesterdays, specialty coffee is invading more and more homes as a convenient option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. While this often comes at a higher price point, consumers that enjoy coffee for more than just a caffeine boost are happy to pay extra for an amazing taste.

At the Office

The last extension of specialty coffee is to the office: another well-known source of traditionally bad-tasting coffee. Consumers that discover specialty coffee typically do so at a coffee shop. Then start to brew their own coffee at home. Then, they desire a second or third cup once they’ve arrived at the office. By now, no one wants to settle for a bottom-of-the-barrel cup of joe.

So, specialty coffee has moved into the office. Offices that have big brewers offer locally roasted coffee. In warmer climates, like Austin, TX, cold brew coffee is common at offices all over the city.

I’m sure the trends will continue to shift, but thankfully great tasting coffee is available now more places than ever.